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Seth Nayes/AndOrA Both was born by their/his/her mother goddess in the Leo/Virgo Sun and Moon on August 5, 1988 in the north woods in a small mining city Iron Mountain, Michigan. The hospital soon caved into the mines below as the mother & son would have a gypsying good time until landing a few moons later to nest in Spread Eagle, Wisconsin where Andora was raised by amazons. Their Nana & Papa, who soon would build the Lakeside Bed & Breakfast in Florence where little A had the first years of their life. Running and living in the woods, swamps and the Land O' Lakes until their mother was reintroduced to their high school sweetheart and the foster child of the principal. This is when life would turn upside down and when they moved to Lac Du Flambeau Reservation on Halloween Night... The native elder spirits of these ancient woods would be introduced to the 8 year old spirit of the future, enchanting, shapeshifting conjuror ... Luckily for our adventurers because they would run into many dangers, painful challenges & dark spirits in these woods ... But that story is for another time,. Fast Forward to them chasing their childhood dream of becoming a professional wrestler.  She traveled to the dilapidated city of Green Bay to start training with the National Wrestling Alliance. After years of blood, sweat and tears, she managed to fight through the indie circuit for the likes of ICW, ACW, BCW & NWA. But after a shocking end to a match, Envy realized she needed to re-evaluate her life. She needed more glitz, more glamor. 

She found her dream when she discovered the glamorous, over the top, talented, Peach Pies Caburlesque. Finally a place of acceptance, warmth and glory where every shape, size, gender identity and style could celebrate what they are. Trading in her bruises for tassels and leaving the wrestling ring behind. (For Now) Now the producer of several different projects staying true to who they are as a warrior of light. She will never forgot the twists and turns of the rainbow brick road.. 

Shedding to skin since 2011. She has performed at the Best of Midwest Burlesque Festival and at the First International Queer Burlesque Festival, FIERCE! He then helped host the 2nd Fierce in his burlesque hometown of Madison with her beloved troop the Peach Pies. He was one of the featured performers of the First Wisconsin Burlesque Festival, the Creme De La Creme Festival, Festival of Flesh, SIN at Roscoe's, Geekesque, Queerpocalypse and the Bazaar of the Occult. During her glittertastic journey, she's graced the stage alongside The Beggars Carnivale, Human Aftertaste, Clownvis, Cirque De La Femme, No-Tell Cabaret, Tie's and Tassels, The Dead Man's Carnival, The Devil's Playground, Fabitat, Kitty Cat Cabaret, Dreamhouse Cabaret, Opulent City, Angela Eve's Parlor, Garbage Friends, Trix, Kink It, Satanic Panic Festival, Femme's Room, Unbridled at Untitled, Cream City Cabaret, Majestique, Brew City Bombshells & Bombshafts for Fire Ball 2012, 2013, & 2015 and Kinkfest 2012 and was in Milwaukee's first all Male Burlesque Show. As a sideshow performer she traveled with DJ Vorteque and Miss Shotglass Sally to Trundle Manor and then performed at the Steampunk's World Fair in New Jersey with Lord Baron's Cavalcade of Chaos. With training by Cirque De La Femme (Feli Fury, Sally Marvel and Shana Vaughan-Gabor) in Sideshow, Angle Grinder and Fire, oh my! Now this little marvel is the Madame of the Harem of Oddities, Red Light Riot and Guilty Pleasures. She has the honor of hosting the 6 anniversary of [[ synthetic ]] Chicago's dark music hot spot, was the final host of the legendary Neo Nightclub, she has captured this title twice and is the reigning Pervesk Champion. After several appearances with their favorite international queer burlesque festival is now an ambassodor for the Fierce Festival. 

This MADame may be more than just a pretty face, but lets not forget, she has a pretty face that has been on numerous magazines. She was the cover girl/boy of Quest Magazine, Eden Magazine, Crippled Inspiration and the 2014 Zombie Pinup Calender. She's graced the pages of Freque, Giuseppina, Gothic Noir, Dark Beauty, Filigree, Cloud Orchid, Vintage Vixen's, Gothesque, Gorgeous Freaks, and Deadly Dessert Magazine among many others. 

She's even been featured on Vogue Italia's Website multiple times. A legacy of beauty, fashion and love is not the only thing she wishes to leave behind. She hopes to leave behind an understanding that no matter what. Never give up and accept yourself for who you are! Even if you are a kooky hott mess circus freak! Own it! BUTT... We all have room for growth, every single day until our final journey. She is here now, as you read this... Here to help your spirit heal on this blessed thing we call life. Take a deep breath and be. Well...

"You can Be anything you want to Be... All you have to do is conjure it." ~Seth Nayes &

Andora Both



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