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Honors & Special Thanks to...

I couldn't have done this without you... I don't know where I would be if it wasn't for you!

Patrick Gregory, Lili Luxe, Dr. Angelica White, Kiam Marcelo Junio, Here, Coleen Legros, Anne Wewasson and her family, The Miller Family, The Gleason Family, Stan Ray, Joe Buron, Angela Eve's Parlor, Sio Bast, Jojo Baby & Sal E, Mikki Miraj, Mom, Nancy McMullen, Auntie Pam, Pirouette, Hidden Springs Nursery, Alice Liddel, Sally Marvel, Greg Haus, Neo Nightclub, Feli Fury, the Peach Pies Caburlesque, Melissa Adlebush & Ruby Stardust, Twig Noir, Aurora's Apothecary & Herb Museum, Short Mountain Sanctuary, Feast of Fun, Jason Kaplan, Ricardo Adrian, Moxie Rhodes & Kitty LaRue, Jake Posateri, Human Aftertaste, Nic Altorelli, Strange Doll Haus, Inferno Nightclub, Steve Harris, TOO MANY TO LIST! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART & GUTS & SOUL & KNEES & TOES!!!

Of course, thank you to all of the artists I've collaborated. If I missed you on the list below?! Don't be hesitated to reach out! It would be beautiful to reconnect!

LIST OF CREDITS, YOU CAN CONTACT ANY OF THEM FOR                                                 REFERENCES! FIRSTLY! (`._.~PUBLICATIONS~._.`)

  1. Cloud Orchid Magazine Cover Girl!                                       

  2. "Quest" Magazine                                                                                                                   (Covergirl/boy: November 25-December 8, 2010) and Interview!!!                                                                                 

  3. The Eden Magazine: Volume 2, Issue #11 COVER model and Four page spread  (

  4. The Eden Magazine: Vol. 3, Issue #12 COVER Model and Spread (

  5. Zombie Pinup Calender 2014 Covergirl and Ms. March (

  6. Crippled Inspiration COVER: 2012 Mansfield Reformatory Retrospective (

  7. Second Feature by "Quest" Mag! (

  8. Published August 26th 2011 (

  9. AND Published June 14th 2012 (

  10. Third Times a Charm! (

  11. Interview and Editorial in Giuseppina Magazine, Issue #11! (

  12. And Giuseppina Magazine Issue #12! "Day of the Dead" Editorial (

  13. Fascinating Magazine (

  14. "Oni" Whispers in the Snuff Box: (

  15. Dark Beauty Magazine

  16. Deadly Dessert Magazine, February 2013 Issue (

  17. Gothic Noir Magazine "Twisted Fairytale Issue" (

  18. Gothic Noir Magazine "The Doctor and The Bride Issue" (

  19. Filigree Magazine {Couture} Fall/Winter Issue (

  20. Freque Magazine (

  21. Cloud Orchid Magazine, Debut Issue (

  22. Cloud Orchid Magazine, Special Issue: Rachel Frank Design- STRUT. Madison Fashion Series (

  23. Cloud Orchid Magazine, Special Issue: Silversark Edition (

  24. Cloud Orchid Magazine, Spring Issue: (

  25. Cloud Orchid Magazine, July Issue: (

  26. Vintage Vixen's Magazine, Debut Issue (

  27. My interview on Wisconsin Sickness! (

  28. Capital Alt's Book! (

  29. Milwaukee Alt's Book! (

  30. My Interview with!! ( 

  31. My Feature on (

  32. Meuse Magazine Feature! (

  33. Propulsion Magazine! (

  34. Gorgeous Freaks Magazine Feature! (

  35. Maximum Ink Magazine! (

  36. Nightspots Magazine! ( "Piece of Cake" with Jojo Baby

  37. BoiMAG

  38. RUDE's Zombie Pinup Calender, Miss October 2012

  39. MODA Magazine

  40. Project Famous

  41. Gothesque Magazine (



Shanna Koltz (Koltz Photography): #1747745 (
RedRum Collaboration: #226008 (
Dividing Me:
Alex Kriescher: (
Arketype, Inc: (
Little Alice Productions
Formless Films: (
My LIVE telecast with!!!

( Skip to the 21:00 mark to skip the foreplay...
Mark Anderson (STUN Photography): #465925 ( or (
Dan Frievalt (Artessence) #754536 (
Peach Pies Caburlesque!!!

Screen Kiss
UWSP Centertainment Productions
Steve Oetjendgerdes (

Alacrity Photography: (
Jessika Levine: #1796784

Kara Counard: (
Samantha Novak: #534694
Clare Dickerson:

Richard Perez (Project Boss Productions): #772295 
Jamie Stock: (
Harry L: #1064201
Robert Kroll: #246038
Scott E. Detweiler: #1263156 (

Karen Jerzyk


Ryan Laessig (Milwaukee Alternative) #1138870 ( (Featured in his book!)
Brian Andrew (MoPhotos or 1st Sense Photograph) #1054749
Bryan Thompson (Graffiti Photographic)
Wonderland Tart: #2014259
Jan Rios: #6309
Jen Knuth (Twig Noir): #1874736
Little Alice: #769749
Taryn (aka: Ghrin N. Beherit) #1583058 (
Colour Law #1995796
Missy Youngblood
Jake Gundrum: #113846
Scott Kashian MM#1195914
M N Artistry by Theresa MM#1665003 (
Steve Richer
Linda Buchanan
Brandy Jasutis Bengston
Kim Klein: (
B.J. Flemming: (2xW Photography) #658533
David S. April: #718652 (
Neu Al Images: #2119906
Art Creation: (
Laurie Maria: (
Kari Witthuhn-Henning
Mike Smith
Ryan Marhsall: (
Alyssa Ross
Lauren Wilz (Ren Wilz)
Bruce Raska: (
Paul Tackmier:
FUSE Fotogroup: (
RUDE.nation (
Vidwest Media (
Alec Masterson (

(`._.~Runway & Designers~._.`)
Wisconsin's Very 1st Fashion Week, (UWFW)
ModelMayhem Meet & Greet Fashion Show (2-18-2011)
Fall Into Wonderland (I'm at 4:57, sorry it gets so blurry, :0(
Strut for a Cure
Runway for a Cure (
Catwalk for the Humane Society
RUDE.nation Silent Auction
Brilliant Stranger (
Frenzy Universe (
Silversark (
Rachel Frank Designs (
Sexy Fag Design LLC (
Lovechild Boudoir
Kit Kat
Trash Lolita Clothing
Twig Noir (Jen Knuth) #1874736
Heavy Red
Sarah's Closet
My Secret Face
Momma Goddess
Bubbles and Frown
Beads Village
Purseonal Style

Nisha Elena Hair 




Spawn of the Zombies: (

Bullying Hurts Campaign: (



The Ritual Collection (TEASER): (

The Making of Rude.Nation's ZOMBIE Pin-Up Calender!!! ( 


Angels Ashes:

Inna Godda Davida: My Interview (
Tommy Franklin's Fashion Show (

Running With Scissors Podcast! ( 

2nd Running With Scissors Podcast! (

Jimmy K Show: (

Duet Performance with Madame Envy and Greta Thorn featured on
(My tassels were glued down!) 

A collection of my work in video, burlesque, wrestling, acting..


Has been featured On..
The Biggest Chinese LGBT Website!
My Blog on BDSM
January Featured Performing Artist
A beautiful forum writeup by Little Alice:


(Short Story Editorial from OSR!)
A project I was involved in by Nicole Jolly and Kara Counard (
My Geekesque Performance was featured!
Running With Scissors Podcast! ( 

xoxo, M.E. 

Fashion Designer, MuaH: RFD By Rachel Frank

All models in every photo on this site unless said otherise: Andaura Both

Photographer: Miranda Steingarber

Photographer: Redrum Collaboration

Photographer: Artessence (Top)


xXxoXoxXx To my sister, husband, brother wife... Trainer, Inspiration, Love, Sally Marvel

Special Thanks to the Sun, for ruling me & guiding me into the light of my destiny...

        "Eat your heart out... Or give it to me... I'll eat it" Andaura Both

                                           Photographer: RedRum Collaboration

I represent Cirque De La Femme as we invade the morning news. Becoming the first person in WGN Chicago History to be a Human Pincushion on Live Television.

A little bed and nails action from Sally Marvel & Andora giving each other golden showers that burn oh so good!

The Marvels are at it again... Photographer: Jessie Buckley

I know this has probably gone on forever. But I can't help but think that there are things missing. That I'm forgetting something. That I forgot to thank some one that I owe thanks to and that you'll be hurt for me not saying your name. That is the last thing I want to do is hurt someone. Well unless you ask nicely of course. But I digress!! I love you. Each and every single one of you. Even the strangers. Even those who have hurt me.. Even those who have done things that some of you think.. Unforgivable.. But you know what. Thank you and I forgive you. This is our chance to not only bring peace to the trauma that ails us. But bring peace between you and I. Sure in some perspectives I'm a lunatic, a freak, vulgar, some might even assume I'm absolutely MAD! You know what. I agree. I disagree. I am neutral. I love everything and that is the greatest thing I can do in this world. Next to forgiving and thanking every single one of you helping me live and helping me die. Because I loved every moment of it... So at last. Thank YOU!!! <3 XOXO !!!

Wait.. One more thing...

       Thank you and to those who honor my Harem of Oddities. Through the years we have grown into sensational beings from all sides of the spectrum.    

I couldn't be more blessed to have you all by my side. Here's to those before us, after us and those who stand in front of us. We are the odd ones that go bump in the night. We are the strange ones that give power to those who feel too out of place in this world. You will always                have a place in my heart. A side at my throne. A           time within me that is irreplaceable. There is no                   one like you. We are different. We are the                           same. We are beautiful. I love you...

                         xoxo, Your Madame Marvel

Photographer: Graffiti Photographic

Creative Director:

Little Alice

Don't forget to thank our guardians, angels, demons and lords, heaven, hell, thank every inch of the galaxy to the end or the beginning? And or a both. Yes thank you

Andaura Both

Taken at Berlin Nightclub for the Harem of Oddities

Are you ready to see what's inside? All you have to do is ask me.. What are you waiting for? Time doesn't exist and we meld the way we use this thing we call time (I call it life...)

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